Each year millions of people throughout the world are reported as missing. Many run away or are forced out from homes where there is neglect, abuse, or intolerable circumstances. Others are abducted for sexual, political or criminal purposes. Many people attempting to avoid child support, contract payments, or legal proceedings elect to voluntarily join the ranks of the missing.

A missing person is defined as any person of any age whose whereabouts are unknown to that person’s immediate family, legal guardian, spouse, friends, business associates, or anyone else with a special interest in that person.

Most people are unaware of the staggering number of abductions that occur each year. As a result, many people lack the educational training to protect themselves and their children from these tragedies. Also, many parents do not maintain the necessary information about themselves and their children authorities need if an emergency situation arises. As a result valuable time is wasted in emergency situations collecting personal data.

The Missing Persons Foundation was founded in 1989 to address the needs of missing persons and their families. The Missing Persons Foundation has field agents and a volunteer staff worldwide to pursue domestic and international investigations as well as provide educational programs.

Services are provided to needy clients free of charge.